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"The Most Beautiful Woman to Ever Leave Athens, Georgia"

Hypertext Magazine, forthcoming Fall 2019


"Plow in the Sky"

Sunspot, Fall 2019


"Otherwise Intact"

Palm-Sized Press, Summer 2019


"Retired Speed Freak Chopper Rider"

Darkhouse Books, forthcoming



Bacopa Literary Review, 2019


"Marine Logistics Base"

little somethings press, 2019

"1369 E. 56th"

Matador Review, Spring 2019

"The Day After Clarence Thomas Got Sworn In"

The Esthetic Apostle, forthcoming 2019


"A Kind God"

Bath Flash Fiction Award, forthcoming 2019

"Still Your Mother's House"

Common Ground Review, forthcoming 2019

"No Lifeguard on Duty"

Nude Bruce Review, Spring 2019, Issue 9

"Wedding of the Junk Dealer's Daughter"

Reed Magazine, Summer 2019, Issue 152 - PREORDER

"Your Brand of Smokes"

Story Cities, forthcoming - PREORDER

"Quarter Penny Nickel Dime Soul"


We Are All Storytellers (podcast), 2018


Coe Review, Fall 2018

"Out of Range"

Jenny, Fall 2018, Issue 15


Moria, Fall 2018, Issue 2

"How Easy the Digging"

Rapid Reload, Fall 2018

"Baltimore Jazz Freestyle"

FreezeRay, Fall 2018, Issue 16


Anatolios Magazine, Fall 2018, Issue 2

"To Curse in an Ancient Tongue"

Infinite Rust, Fall 2018 Vol. 1 Issue 1

"Haute Couture"

Foglifter, Fall 2018, Vol. 3, Issue 2


borrowed solace, Fall 2018, Issue 1.3


Waxwing, Summer 2017, Issue XII

"Shrine Stories"

Descansos, an anthology by Darkhouse Books, Summer 2017

"One More Reason Not to Sleep With People You Don't Know Very Well"

The Tishman Review, 2015, Issue 1.4

"Dogfight Behind Glass"

Cowboy Jamboree, Fall 2015, Issue I

"Suicide by Train"

Stoneboat Literary Journal, Fall 2015, Issue I, Vol. 6

"A Demon Stalks the Land"


"One More Reason Not to Sleep With People You Don't Know Very Well"

An Unction from the Holy One, Summer 2015

"Iron Horses Still Drag Me Away"

Niche (closed), Vol. 5

"November, 1986"

Grey Sparrow Journal, Fall 2014, Issue 22

"The Problem With Being Downwind For Sue Ann"

Fuck Fiction (closed), 2015

"Retired Speed Freak Chopper Rider"

Ray's Road Review (closed), Fall 2014


"The Lucky Shirt"

The Corner Club Press, Summer/Fall 2014


Ray's Road Review (closed), Summer 2014