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Strange Books Like Mine

Hello Friends –

Lots going on as the world begins to open back up and Spring simultaneously comes

to the High Country. Been a really hard year, almost two years in my case but I

wearily hope for better times ahead. I don’t know if they are really coming,

everything in our recent past has done a lot to fuel my naturally apocalyptic view of

our future. I guess the difference now is that I’ve got something a little more

concrete and recent to base it on. We’ve done an amazingly bad job of taking care of

each other during this last shit show, if you don’t think so just watch the body count


It’s been hard or impossible to write during most of this, I’ve just been too angry to

even really express myself. Maybe now I’ll be able to get back to it.

In better news my piece Christmas Soldiers just got published in the 18 TH volume of

the print journal Windward Review published by our friends at Texas A&M – Corpus

Christi. I’m really pleased with this. I’m old enough to still feel a thrill when I get

something into a print journal as opposed to an online one. If you have not read it

you should check it out, it’s one of my favorite pieces of recent work.

One of my other favorite pieces is also getting a little boost right now for Poetry

Month. My micro-zine Fire In The Bottom Of The World published by Rinky Dink

Press came out just before the pandemic. It’s a collection of six linked poems all

under 50 words. The good folks from Rinky Dink came to Flagstaff a few weeks ago

and filmed me reading it at my tow yard. I really love the short video they put

together of me reading it. You can find it on my website, my Facebook, or on

Youtube. Check it out.

Also my publisher just informed me that my press, Tolsun Books has sold out of all

three of my titles and is having more printed. Thanks dear readers for making my

career as a published small press author a success. Nice to know that even strange

little books like mine, which are hard to classify because they break the bounds of

genre, and even harder to know where to shelve in a bookstore, can still be

successful. So once again, thank you.

Jesse Sensibar

Flagstaff, Arizona

April 8, 2021

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