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A gritty memoir woven from photographs, poetry, and short stories. Jesse Sensibar, reflecting on his life as a tow truck driver along the vast highways of the American Southwest, records roadside shrines, grieves the numerous former lives one person can live, and succumbs to the pull of a highway that gives and a highway that takes away.


In this disappearing American West, the ghosts and saints of the highway keep watch over the weary travelers compelled to document and remember.

"The specificity of this book — in its concerns, its voice, what it chooses to pay attention to — allows it to take in the entire world, the entirety of love and grief and joy and gratitude and fear." - Waxwing

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"We are so often moving at breakneck speed, and this book is that rare thing: a quiet, commanding voice saying stop. Stop, and notice. A powerful, haunting book." - Carolyn Guinzio, author of Ozark Crows

"Sensibar asks readers to brake, to stop somewhere on the highway, somewhere between grief and excitement, and observe; observe the life that has been stolen by the road and the roadside crosses that remain." - The Collagist

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About the Author

Jesse Sensibar's hybrid works of prose and poetry reflect experiences and philosophies from a lifetime spent on the highway. Author of Blood in the Asphalt: Prayers from the Highway, Jesse is based in the American Southwest.